Time is of the Essence

In all cases of serious injury, a thorough investigation should be conducted by a private investigator as soon as possible. Accident victims should not rely on the police or governmental agencies to report an accident correctly or completely. My office will promptly arrange for licensed private investigators to obtain sworn statements from witnesses and identify all responsible parties. Witnesses may quickly become unavailable or unwilling to cooperate.

The person who caused your injury may be more apt to provide an incriminating statement or useful information if they are approached immediately after the accident. That same person usually becomes unwilling to cooperate or speak with investigators even after a short delay following the accident. Because I can provide direct attention to each new client's case, it is the practice of my office to arrange for cases to be thoroughly investigated and documented as soon as possible. As part of any investigation, all important physical evidence must be preserved before it is misplaced or destroyed, and accident scenes and vehicles should be inspected and photographed before conditions change and important evidence is lost forever.