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Auto Accident & Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

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It is crucial that prompt notification be given to all insurance companies involved. Often there can be several insurance carriers who should be notified. Victims of auto accidents are ordinarily covered by no-fault through their own insurance company. No- fault benefits are limited to lost wages and medical expenses. No-fault... more

Work Injury Attorney in Rochester NY

If you are injured at work, ordinarily you are entitled to benefits through the Workers' Compensation Board. It is vitally important to determine as early as possible if you are entitled to recover money damages in addition to Comp benefits. These "third-party claims" provide substantially more money for the injured for damages that are not covered by Workers' Comp, particularly pain and... more

There are time limitations in which to notify property owners of accidents. Unless prompt notification is given, the homeowners' or other insurance companies may disclaim coverage, leaving the injured with no source of insurance coverage.

An area of insurance coverage that is often overlooked in premises liability cases is Medical Payments Coverage. This separate coverage, which is found in most premises insurance policies, will... more

Slip & Fall Accident Attorney in Rochester NY

Slip, trip and fall accidents and injuries are all too common and can be serious and life changing. As with all legal actions time is of the essence. Photographs, surveillance video of the site, and the cause of the fall are absolutely vital. Notifcation to the property owner to preserve this evidence should given as soon as possible. Witnesses should be identified and interviewed by... more

Unsafe & Defective Product Attorney in Rochester NY

Product defects or inadequate product warnings and instructions can be the primary cause or a contributing factor resulting in an accident or injury. Legal actions can frequently involve accidents caused by defective, dangerous equipement or merchandise, combined with negligent conduct by an operator or vendor of the product. All responsible parties should be included in legal... more

Nursing Home Neglect Attorney in Rochester NY

Nursing Home litigation is another area of practice with special statutes  and regulations that can provide strong advantages in legal actions to the injured person and their families. Increased levels and types of recoveries are available in these actions , including assessment of daily penalties, attorneys fees, and exemplary damages. Nursing Homes must comply with strict standards of... more

Wrongful Death Attorney in Rochester NY

A deceased's family right to recover for their loved one's death caused by an accident or by an act of malpractice is called a  Wrongful Death action. Separate proceedings are necessary in State Supreme Court  and Surrogate's Court to prosecute these claims. The differing interests of surviving family members must be individually considered. Wrongful Death litigation should be handled by a... more

Medical Malpractice Attorney in Rochester NY

Medical malpractice or medical negligence cases provide particular challenges to the attorney. The key to success lies with retaining the right medical expert. An opinion from a qualified medical expert is necessary before any medical negligence case can even be started. Often a case will require hiring more than one medical expert if different medical issues must be addressed. Finding... more

Construction Accident Attorney in Rochester NY

Accidents that happen during construction, demolition or excavation are governed by state regulation that can provide clear advantages to the injured worker depending upon the circumstances. Construction accident litigation should be handled by an attorney knowledgable and experienced in this field of the law. I have successfully represented many victims of serious construction site... more

Dog Bite & Dog Attack Attorney

Serving Rochester NY & Surrounding Areas

Injuries caused by dog attacks can be devastating and are usually inexcusable. It is commonly thought that all dogs are entitled to "one free bite" before the owner can be held responsible. This is not true. A dog's prior "vicious propensities" can be shown in many different ways. Prior behavior which places the owner on notice may involve... more

Brain Injury Attorney in Rochester NY

Brain Injuries can occur in different types of accidents. Brain trauma is often overlooked or minimized by medical personnel. Moderate brain injury can occur without direct contact to the head and without loss of conciousness. Often the injured person may not be be aware of subtle signs and symptoms of brain injury. Often family members are most able to recognize changes in the injured person's... more